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Student/Parent Questions 
Q: What services are provided by an online tutor? A: Some tutors registered with this site use IntelliMath’s online IntelliProf tool which allows them to create a complete educational environment with which to chat live with students and upload and download documents containing course materials which will be hosted permanently
Q: How do I find a local tutor for my subject? A: In all of our listings, tutor location is always specified. You can use our search tool, here. If you are unable to locate a tutor for your specific location and subject, you can also create a Tutor Want Ad from your Account page, here (require login) .
Q: How do I contact a tutor? A: Once you have located a tutor whom you want to work with, visit that tutor’s profile page and click the tutor’s name there or the “Contact this tutor” link to write a message and let the tutor know that you would like to see him or her.
Q: How much does this cost? A: Aside from IntelliMath’s subscription types which are viewable here, students negotiate directly with tutors concerning the cost of tutoring sessions.
Q: How do I pay? A: IntelliMath does not provide an interface for transferring money. The amount and means of payment are settled directly between you and your tutor.
Q: How long will the tutor be available? A: Tutors’ profile pages contain detailed information about the services they can provide. Exactly what and how they do this is up to them, but you can always find out more by contacting them directly.
Q: What if I cannot find a tutor? A: If there are no tutors matching your search criteria, you can login and post a Tutor Want Ad for your specific subject and location. Sometimes our tutors don’t list every subject that they can tutor in. All of our registered tutors will be able to see your ad and contact you if they meet your needs.