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Q: How many book posts can I make at a time? A: You can post up to twenty books for sale and ten book want ads. If you would like to create an additional post, you would need to take one down from the options in your account Dashboard.
Q: Do I have to pay to be able to trade books? A: IntelliMath has a great system that lets you use the site completely free with certain conditions. You can always browse, search, and purchase books with no limitations. You can also create posts up to the default limit completely free, however, instead of completing the transaction with any buyers, you will be notified that a buyer was found and if you upgrade your account, you can start making money.
Q: How do I receive/send a book once I’ve found a seller/buyer? A: Once you’ve found someone to do business with, payment and shipping options are entirely up to what you agree upon with the other party. You can choose a place to meet, or for users who are located great distances apart, you can always use a shipping provider like FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service and exchange the tracking number, then use Pay Pal to trade. It’s your choice.